Keith Spencer - Baritone
Mark Spencer - Harp

In July, 2006, Keith Spencer was asked by The September 11th Foundation to program and perform a concert in New York City in memory of those who died in the attacks on 9/11/2001. He immediately asked his brother Mark to accompany him on the harp, an instrument whose sound, in combination with the human voice, is uniquely inviting and intimate.

Keith lives in NYC and previously worked at the World Trade Center. He witnessed first-hand the attack on the Twin Towers. For the memorial concert, Keith tried to stay away from weighty or tragic songs. Rather, he wanted to choose pieces that the victims’ friends and families might have chosen to honor them. Most of these songs are familiar, of a religious or spiritual nature. Two are Keith’s own compositions; With Harp and Voice is dedicated to his brother Mark, the other, Joseph’s Promise, to the memory of their parents.

The brothers were overwhelmed at the response to their concert in NYC. The audience was emotionally moved by the music, as were they. Keith and Mark have been honored to repeat this concert in several places since their initial performance in 2006.

The Spencer Brothers hope that you enjoy their CD, and the music it contains. They hope that these songs, combined with their interpretation of them, will bring you comfort, peace and joy.

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The Spencer Brothers

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